HM-In de erker-1
Dear miss Ngȏ Thi Hòa

Welcome again, we are deeply impressed you come back for a second time, now for eminent artist Hoàng Hà Tùng from Ha Noi, Viet Nam. This is also his second visit and again it’s all about art!
For us it’s all about seeing and living Life as an artwork.

Life as an artwork uses differences as driving force. Bert and I as duo work#art, under the umbrella of workheart Foundation, serve the arts by practicing this during our expeditions.
It allows us being guided by what arises in between mutual input.
From strange-eyed perspective art serves momentum in which culture – as fertile field- can be made admissible for sowing.

You remember: In our site-specific installations, we utilize that potential and develop dynamics in which a joint desire for best efforts obligation is growing. While attending, in a set-up expedition, we invite hesitating parties to contribute. Actively involved, supporting or consuming from outside .. but curious from both sides!
The artwork in the making generates sense for a concerted dance.

That’s more than people can grasp, it passes our understanding it works beyond our strength/means and that’s more than people can manage on their own.
We have to make an environment for it, in which art becomes recognized as leading principle to fertilize soil. So that’s what we try to do with our Artists in Residence here in Huize Maria. Thats why Hoàng Hà Tùng is here with his wife Lê Thị Thu Huong.
Improvising in a natural way about our growing friendship in our common love for art.

We hope these dynamics make artists, visitors, an environment as Kampen turn into a mood they cannot resist. Also in this – lets say “informal” – momentum.
We hope it generates enthusiasm and further collaboration between the two countries, at all levels arising from our relationship.

Last year, we planted an artificial seed, made of the used materials, on the place of Little Ship on Wooden Waves. For anchoring continuity. We know for sure, afterwards removing the physical artwork(s), it creates a timeless art climate.
As future perspective and memento.