Creativity is for the benefit of everybody, from an organization expert to a hobbyist. There are instruction- and modelbooks for everyone who is interested, whatever the motive is. One can copy, cut and paste every desired pattern, technic or theory. Creativity is often described as a royal, even divine way of keeping yourself busy.
Eja Deja CreaBea Pouf ..

What strikes me is that art in our community became something what has to do with objects and not with people or life. Art became a speciality of experts who are called artists. But why shouldn’t everybody be able to make an artwork from his/her life? Why is that lamp, that house an artwork and my life isn’t?’ Michel Foucault (1926 – 1984), in an interview with Paul Rabinov, 1984

In 2011 Douwe stopped his guidance and training under employment and continued his guidance practice as an independent contractor.

Besides we both are almost full-time occupied with our initial profession: visual artist. In that way we make art our life’s work and we put out projects, products and reflection processes under the brand work#art. A composition of work, art en heart, in which the # sign stands for command- soc. media, elevation/sharp-music and fracture- medical.

Just like during the installation Palimpsest , we regularly organize workshops around the theme ‘life as an artwork’. This essential theme at Foucault, but also at Nietsche, Buys and many others is, as far as we are concerned, about exciting things in a total changing time. Especially when we do realize.

In the workshop we are doing this by putting in TCI Theme Centered Interaction as a way of working. We do this because investigating together presents fundamental educational experiences and because TCI excellently facilitates this process.

Just like our artwork our workshop intends to offer an inspiring form and ambiance. No contents are told and no explanations of the artworks themselves. The workshop is not meant to learn more about art or to give you indications to reach this.

You subscribe to a process of exchange and interaction, in the course of which sense and meaning announces and developes to you in situ. We counsel this process  of focussing and reflection and bring in terms as imagination and visualization, relation and distinction.