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ANKLANG partially interrupted
After three weeks of intensive work on collecting various music and sound recordings, imbibing the old Greek culture and reacting to it with recordings in sound and images, it gradually became clear that we could not keep up. Douwe became ill and after a while we understood that the ulcerative colitis, with which he has lived more or less in peace for 10 years, flared violently and was no longer able to calm down. We finally had to decide to interrupt Anklang for now and return home.

Douwe was admitted to the hospital in Zwolle at the beginning of October. After three weeks he was allowed to go home again and he is now working on his recovery. Fortunately, although slowly, every day is a little bit better.

For the time being this part of Anklang can not find any real progress; the ‘Tired Landscape’ part, which we had already started in the studio, will continue to be developed.

As soon as we have room again to pick up the travel version of Anklang, we will of course inform you of this!