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Schuimkoppenrace 2009

The ‘Schuimkoppenrace’ is an annual event. A race between ships from the ‘Brown Fleet’, old charter-vessels.

For the 2009 match I designed and realised the cup for the winning ship and its team.



Beelbuisfestival 2010

Cup for the winner of the short-film festival.

The festival took place in the electricity power plant of ‘Electrabel’ in Harculo, near Zwolle.

Look for a full report on: BeeldbuisFilmfestival2010



Beeldbuisfestival 2011

Cup for thee winner of this episode of the Festival, that now took place in the ‘Grote Kerk’ at ‘Grote Markt’, centre of Zwolle.

Look for a beautiful report of this inpressive evening: BeelbuisFilmfestival2011

Fotografie: David-Paul-Fotografie