What happens at Huize Maria

Huize Maria is the home base of workheart Foundation and is located at IJsselkade 25 in Kampen.

At the ground floor we equipped the two rooms as a showroom. As yet, we exhibit works of work#art, the art arm of the Foundation.

In the front room you can find more or less finished art pieces; de back room is an experimental place and/or the place to finish an artwork.
In the near future we regulary will offer an exhibition space to other artists too.
Moreover it is a place for lectures, workshops, interactive encounters and presentations given by artists. They stayed at Huize Maria for a while to gain inspiration for a new boost in their own domain.

The first floor has her own possibilities.

At the front Douwe manages his practice of reflective counselling for professionals. His method works out, that finally you find your own answers yourselves.

The big back room is our place of work and meeting; when we are not, the quiet and inspiring place can be rented.
To practice just learned skills together. Or to do some brainstorming in a complete other ambiance, to have a meeting or to think about a new course.

The little back room is an intimate space to make personal calls.
At this moment it’s rented to Manon Buwalda, Vidante; later it’s possible to rent per daily period.

And then the attic: adapted as residence for the artistic stranger. Artist In Residence
In short – a place to withdraw in, regardless of your ‘habituation’.
New paths sometimes requires a completely new environment and that is what we offer.
Moreover, the acoustics is very special; we learned of a musician. For that reason he wants to make his new album partly here.
The stay is free; we ask in return a presentation in any form whatsoever in Huize Maria in an event, organized by us.
That is open for the public; so, everybody’s profit.

This page is still under construction; we’ll work quickly to finish all!
At this moment the ‘Stay for the artistic stranger’, ‘Reflective practice’ and ‘Showroom work#art’ are ready in Dutch and almost in English.

* Showroom work#art

* Reflective practice

* Stay for the artistic stranger – ArtistInResidence

* Particular flexible place to work