Curriculum Vitae Douwe Jan Buwalda and Bert van der Sluijs

concerning our artist carrier in ANDartProductions and since 2010 in work#art™.
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2014 Floods, An installation in the park around the Terracotta Museum Thanh Ha in Hoi An, Việt Nam.
2014. Playing with soil, An exhibition of poetic interventions by work#art in locally made clay-work by the potters of Thanh Ha – Hội An, Việt Nam.
2014. Life as an Artwork – A by work#art produced and guided seminar and performance during the installation and exhibition.

2014 Seed, An installation & performance in and around the studio of Hoàng Hà Tùng – eminent artist – in the mountains above Hanoi – Việt Nam.

2014 Balance, An installation of work#art i.c.w. Trương Thi Ngoc Hân & Trần Thanh Tú – Việt Nam.
2014. Within Meeting Point, a group-exhibition of Dutch artists in the Ho Chi Minh City Museum for Fine Arts in Việt Nam.

2013 Presence of Absence, a mobile installation at various locations in the Netherlands.

2013 ’Voetencaroussel’ Arte Laguna Prize 12-13.
2013. First-prize nomination and finalist art-show in ‘Arsenale’ Venice, Italy.

2012 Deep load in geothermal heat, Performance with a seed at 50 meters depth entrusted to the earth.

2011 ExLibris Installation at 2 locations: Monastery Garden of Museum Elburg and Gem. Expositieruimte Kampen (former Synagogue).
2011. A growing process, made visible in scrap, encyclopedia. During the opening livestream connection between the two exhibition spaces.

2010 WWVV3/4M, Installation as part of Smaak. A group exhibition of artists from Kampen. 3D-collage with soundtrack.
2010. Our first ‘work#art project’.

2010 ‘ANDartProductions’ transformed into ‘work#art ™’ (say: workheart).
2010. A new brand, established in the The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP), The Hague.

2010 Installation: Inkt as part of ‘Joti ’t Hooft poetry-prize 2010’. Oudenaarde, België. Sculpture, film and poetry.

2010 Integrated installation: Nog voor het eerst … nee eerder nog. WVK* Schepenzaal, Stedelijk Museum Kampen. Sculpture, film and poetry.

2009 é poi?, Installation, as part of  Box Shock, a manifestation for art in public space. Box Up Store, Milaan, Italy. Sculpture, film and poetry.

2009 Stilstaan bij begane grond, Visual Art Installation ic Linda K. Anderson (USA). Former Military Barracs in Kampen, WVK*.

2009 Performance ic Linda Anderson (USA) as part of AUFAUF, an art and environment manifestation in Bremen, Germany.

2009 Aankomen in een vertrek, Installation. Museum Fundatie, Castel Nijenhuis, Heino.

2009 MultiSolo 3D poetic installation,
Tetem II, Enschede.

2009 MultiSolo 4D poetic installation,
Tetem II, Enschede.

2008 MultiSolo poetic installation, Tetem II, Enschede.

2008 Eye eye eye, Exposition. Galerie Grafisch Atelier Twente, Enschede.

2008 Goud Op Snee, Installation as part of Joti ’t Hooft poetry-prize 2008. Oudenaarde, België. Sculpture and poetry.

2007 Openbarstig Weerbaar installation, Koornmarktspoort, Kampen.

2007 Mevrouw Kroes visual poem & video,
WVK** 2007, ‘Huize Maria’ Kampen.

2006 Foundation of ‘ANDartProductions’, by Douwe Buwalda en Bert van der Sluijs.
2006. An initiative for cooperation between artists in the most wide spectrum of arts.

2006 Vanzelfsprekend audiovisual installation, as part of WVK** 2006, Kampen.

2006 Shelter Installation in front of Stedelijk Museum WVK Kampen.
2006. Shelter Installation van Heutzplein WVK Kampen.

2006 WWWWWVV visual text-image, University Social Studies Windesheim, Zwolle.

2006 Klemtoon installation, 2 visual text-images,
Dommerholtzaal Odeon, Zwolle.

2006 Oog Oogt Oogst, integrated installation, in cooperation with Bas van Damme (NL), Fort Rammekens – Ritthem, Vlissingen.

2006 Oogappels, Poetry on ceramics, ic Bas van Damme (NL),
 CBK Zeeland, Middelburg.

2005 Standpunt Mangat, audiovisual installation,
as part of WVK**2005, shelter over cavity in the main street of Kampen.

2005 Poëtic Installation, sculptures an poetry in Huys der Kunsten, Kampen.

2004 Hengelen met vleugels, Poetic installation, Lutherse Kerk, Kampen.

When there is no country mentioned, the project was Dutch based.
*WvK Weg van Kunst, an art walk in the old center of Kampen.