Curriculum Vitae (including my artist carrier nabk)

Douwe Buwalda
IJsselkade 25, 8261 AB Kampen, The Netherlands
born in Kampen, The Netherlands, 16 – 05 – 1950
Archive website:
Skype adress: Douwe Jan Buwalda

work#artBooglogoReflectieWORKHEARTDouwe Buwalda. As an artist I combine images and poetry in my work, using all possible means and media. I am working on the tension between dynamics and reflection, which through silence and concentration comes into its own. The work starts to take shape, forms a conscience and starts to breathe like a skin, in each new environment a new and different way.
Up until 2010 I have educated students in methods of cultural work in order to help integrate all kinds of art into community art events. In the Centrum voor Nascholing / University of Amsterdam, I have educated and trained professionals to supervise people in their work. Make life an artwork, incorporate what you want to realize.
Bringing this perception into visible and poetical art in public spaces, I set up possibilities to bring it in debate, guiding groups in a reflective way of thinking and collaborating.
I have a studio for practicing supervision, coaching and other guidance projects for professionals in their work in Kampen, The Netherlands

png1work#art – artists duo with Bert van der Sluijs – established in 2010.
Creating art we work together, each starting from our own ideas and inventions, inviting us to react on what comes up in our minds. Searching to express what lives inside, a common perspective develops in our eyes. That process keeps us sharp, like both sides of a knife. The working of that knife on its turn, gives the work the opportunity to make space for itself, growing into what it intends to be.
We also keep on looking for new settings for the images, to give them the opportunity to start their own life in giving a new shape by meaning and aura. So locations are an important factor too.
The work on its turn changes the setting into a new environment for the visitor. And that change of scenery represents a new framework for us to concentrate on further perspectives and themes and motivates us to create new work elsewhere. So our artwork is never done.
Like Dutch poet Rutger Kopland says: if you find something, you didn’t look for it properly


                            supervision coaching training

27 06 1989
Continued Agogical Professional Training University of Amsterdam NL
Specialization OSD: education, supervision and expertise development
Subject areas: educational, professional development and supervision
skills I and II, Social Work issues and organizational issues,
Capita Selecta scientific disciplines and supervision.

                            visual artist  / teacher
Graduate teacher in visual arts at Academy for Visual Arts in Amersfoort, NL

21 06 1976
State Diploma Arts & Crafts level B Specialization: Ceramics in wood burn kilns
& Using time and space in 3D installations.

22 06 1973
State Diploma Arts & Crafts level A

                          international experience

2005            group guidance during international conference ANSE

until 2010     guidance trainees / graduation projects University Windesheim –Cultural and Social Development abroad

since 2008    for international exhibitions and installations – see below


LVSB                                                                               member 80169

registration educator /trainer supervision skills                    D    1213

registration leersupervisor                                                 LS 1110H

registration supervisor                                                      S 10397H

SQ                     registration spiritual coach SQ                  Cindy Wigglesworth USA

KvK  O Nl            Douwe Jan Buwalda reflections                 DosNr 05066713


Employments Education

CNA  detachering  HvA/UvA

educator /trainer supervision skills for supervision in education
leersupervisor, supervisor
Team coach & trainer bij agogical processes in organizations for training and education

fulltime Windesheim University

CWMO (assoc. development) Social Work
teacher theory and methods, coordinator for the restructuring of education
trainer group dynamics / System and Communication Theory and Theme Centered Interaction
teacher image thinking / community arts / community events
trainer of student career counselors, supervisor
tutor student career, internship and graduation projects

VO TAG: leersupervisor supervisor

Intern coach for employees Windesheim University

Sociale Akademie de IJsselpoort Kampen

docent drama en manual expression MW KW


Kon. Wilhelminascholen MEAO – Apeldoorn
docent visional arts development

docent arts and crafts  St. van der Huchtscholen  – Soest

social cultural

Coordinator for courses within all disciplines of arts N.E. Netherlands on behalf of volunteers in youth – club -
and community centers. i.c.a.o. Bert van der Sluijs.

1971 -1972        movies
under a.o. Nouschka van Brakel

1980-1985         theater -projects – shows – performances
under a.o. Hans van den Boom, Alize Zandwijk i.c.w .a.o. Wim Selles, Paul Kooij, Anneke Blok
Vogels, Kampen met Kampen, das Hotel (Beckmann)

 voluntary activities

coordination LVSB region East NL

member of jury finals Kunstbende

v.a. 2003            readings lectures, workshops en master classes  for:

worthless words and wordless values
the strength of image and language
BOW: guiding processes in making them visible
rich pictures ( mapping the context of guiding in a visual way)

visual thinking

coaching around art
de art of coaching
spiritual coaching SQ

reflection in supervision by visual art and poetry
de art and strength of reflection
spirituality en reflection

internationalization and cross-cultural perspective

VU connected
film introductions and reflective evaluations



from 2004            Revival contribution and presentation of autonomous artwork


Exhibitions projects etc.

2014   Balance, a work#art a collaboration project with two young Vietnamese artists making an art-installation. As part of Meeting Point, an exhibition of Dutch visual artists in the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam

2014  Presence of absence, absence? Presenting an art installation, for the first time in our own gallery: work#art Toonzaal in Kampen, The Netherlands

2014 * launch Huize Maria as an artist in residence facility in combination with work#art Toonzaal Kampen, the Netherlands

2014 * launch workheart Foundation, facilitating work#art products, projects and reflections to develop, produce and exhibit design, autonomous art, art projects and installations and organize educational activities, lectures and presentations for promotion of art and life as an artwork worldwide. Where appropriate in collaboration with other artists and disciplines.

2013  Deep load, a spontaneous performance act burying an art piece 52 mtr underground.
A sustainable and environment saving initiative

2013  Voetencarrousel Arte Laguna Prize 2013 first prize nomination. Finalist art show in Arsenale Venice, Italy

2012  Palimpsest Integrated installation of several art works as part of Kunstschouw 2012, Nieuw Haamstede Zeeland, The Netherlands.

2012  * launch work#art Toonzaal, our own gallery in Huize Maria IJsselkade 25 Kampen, the Netherlands.

2011   Sales promotion exhibition nabk at the ArtFair Utrecht

2011   ExLibris Installation and performance at 2 locations: Monastery Garden of Museum Elburg en Gem. Expositieruimte the former Synagogue Stedelijk Museum in Kampen. A growing process in four seasons, made visible in scrap, encyclopedia and live stream connection. Continuing in Elburg until winter 2012, ending up in an autonomous work: buried art seeds.

2010 Integrated installation nog voor het eerst .. nee eerder nog ..  as part of Weg Van Kunst Schepenzaal – Stedelijk Museum Kampen, the Netherlands – sculpture, film and poetry

2010  Installation INKT as part of Joti ’t Hooft poetry-prize 2010. Oudenaarde, Belgium – sculpture, film and poetry

2010  WWVV3/4M Installation as part of Smaak. A group exhibition of artists from Kampen NL – 3D-collage with soundtrack

2010 * ANDart Productions transformed into work#art (say: workheart) products, projects and reflections. A new brand, established in BOIP: the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property The Hague.

2009  Design and construction of two visual art installations Aankomen in een vertrek in 18th century castle Het Nijenhuis Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle-Heino.

2009  AufAuf Performance as part of AUFAUF, an art and environment manifestation in Bremen, Germany. In cooperation with Linda K. Anderson (Buffalo NY – USA)

2009  Visual Art Installation Stilstaan bij begane grond in former Military Barracks in Kampen as part of: Weg Van Kunst Kampen. In cooperation with Linda K. Anderson (Buffalo NY USA)

2009  ‘é poi?’ Installation i.h.k.v. Box Shock, a manifestation for art in public space. Box Up Store, Milan, Italy.  sculpture, film and poetry

2008  voltrokken in een flits. An installation in a group exhibition: Multi solo in Cultural Centre Tetem 2, Roombeek Enschede.

2008   Eye Eye Eye a Sales promotion exhibition in gallery Voormalig Grafisch Atelier Enschede Nl

2008   Exploratory negotiations about visual art installation project in Castellani Art Center, Niagara Falls, NY, USA. In cooperation with Linda K. Anderson (Buffalo NY – USA)

2007 An integrated visual art installation, poetry and : Openbarstig Weerbaar, overgave aan een kunstwerk. Location:  In and outside the Koornmarktspoort, an old city gate building in Kampen The Netherlands
An occasional collective with Bas van Damme (Middelburg NL)

2007  Mevrouw Kroes visual poem & video with Brigitte Wolthuis NL as part of Weg Van Kunst. Huize Maria Kampen, The Netherlands


2006  Vanzelfsprekend. Design and realization of a visual art installation with live stream connection between two military guardhouses in the route of Weg Van Kunst

2006  foundation of ANDart Productions by Douwe Buwalda en Bert van der Sluijs – an initiative for cooperation between artists in the widest spectrum of arts worldwide

2005  Oogappels – poetry on ceramics with Bas van Damme in work in progress project (Middelburg NL) at CBK Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands

2006   Exposition Oog, Oogt, Oogst, an integrated installation in and around Fort Rammekens, Muzeeum Vlissingen. An occasional collective with Bas van Damme

2006    WWWWWVV visual text-image, solo, University Social Studies Windesheim, Zwolle, The Netherlands

2006    Klemtoon Design and realization of a visual art installation for the fifth anniversary symposium Geert Grote Institute, Windesheim. Location: Odeon Theatre, Zwolle.

2005    Standpunt Mangat Design and realization of poetic and visual art installation in the ground before the entrance of the Stedelijk Museum, Kampen NL as part of Weg Van Kunst

2005     Exposition Poetic Installation, sculptures and poetry in Huys Der Kunsten, Kampen.

2005     Design and -realization of stage scenery for production Een Magistralende Zon, theater group Huize Linda, Stef van den Eijnden – Amsterdam NL.

2004      Our first visual and poetic Art Installation Hengelen met vleugels in the Lutheran Church, Kampen, as part of Weg Van Kunst – an art-walk along special locations in the old center of town.

2004 *    Starting as a member of an artist duo with Bert van der Sluijs