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work#artBooglogoReflectieWORKHEARTDouwe Buwalda. As an artist I combine images and poetry in my work, using all possible means and media. I am working on the tension between dynamics and reflection, which through silence and concentration comes into its own. The work starts to take shape, forms a conscience and starts to breathe like a skin, in each new environment a new and different way.
Up until 2010 I have educated students in methods of cultural work in order to help integrate all kinds of art into community art events. In the Centrum voor Nascholing / University of Amsterdam, I have educated and trained professionals to supervise people in their work. Make life an artwork, incorporate what you want to realize. Bringing this perception into visible and poetical art in public spaces, I set up possibilities to bring it in debate, guiding groups in a reflective way of thinking and collaborating. I have a studio for practicing supervision, coaching and other                      guidance projects for professionals in their work in Kampen, The Netherlands

bokje z.achtBert van der Sluijs. My autonomous work consists multidimensional collage compositions. In his sculptures (often made out of found objects) irony, delight and oppression struggle priority.
My work has a theatrical character. This is no surprise, because as a theatre designer he creates and builds decors for the stage, film and television.
I also provide other artists artistically and technical support and coaches art projects of colleague

png1work#art – artists duo. Established in 2010. Creating art we work together, each starting from our own ideas and inventions, inviting us to react on what comes up in our minds. Searching to express what lives inside, a common perspective develops in our eyes. That process keeps us sharp, like both sides of a knife. The working of that knife on its turn, gives the work the opportunity to make space for itself, growing into what it intends to be.
We also keep on looking for new settings for the images, to give them the opportunity to start their own life in giving a new shape by meaning and aura. So locations are an important factor too.The work on its turn changes the setting into a new environment for the visitor. And that change of scenery represents a new framework for us to concentrate on further perspectives and themes and motivates us to create new work                       elsewhere. So our artwork is never done. Like Dutch poet Rutger Kopland says: if you find something, you didn’t look for it properly

Recent CV work#art

Exhibitions projects etc.

2017 ‘Little Ship on Wooden Waves’, Location-Specific interactive installation ihkv the International Hanze Days 2017 in
Kampen. A collaborative project of work#art with 15 international volunteers.

2016-in progress ‘Gasbel’ (worktitel), Interactive (sound)installation  activating and intensifying the experience of here and now!

2016 Dealing, An  integrated installation in the outer shell of the sustainable building of teh Agriculture College
CAH Vilentium in Dronten.


2016 Lacquer-works, New work, arose in cooperation with a Lacquer Studio in Saigon, Vietnam.


 2015 Bijjou, A reaction at work of the quest artist of this year by occasion of Artroute WegvanKunst, goldsmith Marjo van den                         Bekerom.

2014 Floods, An installation in the park round the Terracotta Museum Thanh Ha in Hoi An, Vietnam.

2014 Playing with soil, An exhibition of poetical interventions of work#art in work what’s made in situ by the potters of the village Thanh Ha.

door work#art

2014 In Life as an Artwork, A seminar within the scope of installation and exhibition, organized by work#art.

2014 Seed, An installation in the studio of Hoàng Hà Tùng – eminent artist – in the mountains above Hanoi-Vietnam.

work#art-HCMC Mus.FineArt2014

2014 Balance, a work#art a collaboration project with two young Vietnamese artists, Hân Trương Thị Ngọc en Trần Thanh Tú, making an art-installation. As part of Meeting Point, an exhibition of Dutch and Vietnamese visual artists in the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam


2014 Presence of absence, absence? Presenting an art installation, for the first time in our own gallery: work#art Toonzaal in Kampen, The Netherlands

2014 *            launch Huize Maria as an artist in residence facility in combination with work#art Toonzaal Kampen, the Netherlands

2014 *            launch workheart Foundation, facilitating work#art products, projects and reflections to develop, produce and exhibit design, autonomous art, art projects and installations and organize educational activities, lectures and presentations for promotion of art and life as an artwork worldwide. Where appropriate in collaboration with other artists and disciplines.


2013 Deep load, a spontaneous performance act burying an art piece 52 mtr underground. A sustainable and environment saving                initiative.

3 workheart 2ndApplication 2013 VoetenCarrousel - 300DPI

2013  Voetencarrousel Arte Laguna Prize 2013 first prize nomination. Finalist art show in Arsenale Venice, Italy


2012 Palimpsest. Integrated installation of several art works as part of Kunstschouw 2012, Nieuw Haamstede Zeeland, The                          Netherlands.

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