showroom & reflection practice work#art

Huize Maria
IJsselkade 25
8261 AB Kampen
☎06 831 17 664 rietje van ‘t veen

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work#art-project 'Gasbel'-(werktitel)showroom work#art is established at the famous IJsselkade in Kampen.

In the beautiful ambiance of Huize Maria, you can, quiet easily, take a look at our sculptures, design tabels, light objects en installations being interventions at the interior.

From 1 oktober until 1 april the showroom is opened on request.
Do you like to come and have a look?
You can make an appointment with Rietje: 06-83117664

During the Nationale Kunstweek we will be opened at special hours:
Saturday and Sunday 5 en 6, Thursday and Friday 10 en 11, Saturday and Sunday12 en 13 november at 13.00-1700 uur.
Special action these days: take a look in the ‘develop kitchen’ of the new ‘work in progress’: Gasbel (werktitel)

Monday evening 7 november extra opening at 19.30 – 22.00 uur.
We meet people in Huize Maria and we will have discussion rounds about Art and Culture issues. You are very welcome!!!

reflection practice work#art


At the second floor, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the river. At this place Douwe Buwalda organizes reflective supervision to professionals.

Don’t hesitate to call him for an informal, preliminary talk.
Feel free to do so. M: +31641143592
For an appointment you can also write an

e-mail: douwe@workheart.nl

skype address: Douwe Jan Buwalda

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