workheart Foundation
• produces sustainable sculptures, performances and installations in collaboration with different art disciplines.
• develops a series of lectures/seminars/workshops, a.o. ‘Making your life an artwork’.

Aim is stimulating a mutual international exchange of ideas and cultures with an international audience
work#art conducts these workshops, in participation, to find out how to connect art and life in different cultures. Their artworks, made of recycled materials, are the starting point for interaction and cooperation with artists and a wider audience.
Collaborating international and using local materials, orchestrates a broad range of possibilities for exchange. Profound cooperation based on mutual respect and commitment for each culture and background. The result of researching this processes raises the voltage of the final work in which ingredients of both cultures will be reflected.

Within the human tension between autonomy and interdependency in a period of transition worldwide, curiosity for the results features this process at the conjunction of countries. It creates new innovative ways to find a vital balance for liberating new abilities. Focusing on respectful confrontation has a leading role in the artistic process. In this way we cannot predict the results, as the process itself is leading to inspiration and conceptualization of the artworks.

picture inaugural meeting