Since the founding of the workheart Foundation, we have been working to achieve all the goals laid down in the foundation deed.
Below is the piece written from the foundation deed printed; this expresses our aim!

Workheart Foundation

Workheart Foundation vitalizes.
It gives people the opportunity to deeply experience themselves and to make authentic and bold contact from here and to emerge.
Workheart Foundation facilitates this through various activities.

Workheart Foundation is experiencing that the earth makes life possible, a facilitating globe.
A sustainable world in which people undertake their own adventure. Shaping one’s own life as a work of art and boldly interacting with that world based on authenticity. Mutual differences have a vitalizing and pleasant effect.
The fulfillment is a goal in itself.
The journey is the Walhalla.
A continuum.

The activities that the workheart foundation is developing are a catalyst in the fulfillment of the mission and vision.

The activities take place within three sectors:

1. Art and Culture – Practice of Art and Poetry

  •  Installations; Creating art objects that involve the environment. Context and artwork challenge each other.
  •  Autonomous images; Making art objects that stand on their own. Images that can be placed in any context. Can become an installation.
  •  Design; Making art objects with a practical use. This can be spiritual, but also very practical,
  •  Performance; An artistic act where the audience is present at what we do. Sometimes it is planned, sometimes it is created through participation / interaction with the public.
  •  Poetry; whether or not in conjunction with an image.

2. Welfare – Social Cultural Work

  • International cooperation: Making art objects where the guest and the host country challenge each other in the field of Art and Culture. Amazement and coordination with regard to each other: work # art / audience, artists, host country etc.
  • Life as a Artwork; Bringing people together around a work of art) and a theme to be placed in context: Quality of (Together) Living (eg) Participating guidance in TGI work form. Can lead from “execution”.
  • TGI Artwork as a product in a supervision project; Making art objects with an appropriate character. Imagination and representation of soul / mission of a company (> Products)
  • Workshop; An artistic activity around “what is involved in the own performance”. Learning experience through interaction.
  • Art factory: Provide an opportunity for artists from various disciplines at the location address to be inspired in an artistic environment and to come up with new art, whether or not in collaboration with each other and / or work # art.

3. Education – Group training

  • Guided Intervision (via TGI *): Guiding a group in learning to reflect on their own functioning in a method that focuses on learning with each other and from each other.
  • Work guidance: Practical support and feedback while translating ideas into material and the product. It works what one does, one gets a grip on what one does.
  • Training: Guiding a group on learning by experiencing by doing in a work form that focuses on learning with each other and from each other.
  • Lectures: Art appreciation


* TGI With group processes and experiential learning, we like to work from the context of Theme Centered Interaction (TGI) to shape “learning together”. The four-factor model makes the complex reality around a theme clear and manageable for participants and supervisors. TGI is aimed at stimulating self-management; they practice with participatory leadership and based on their own leadership.
the four-factor model in TGI

It = the task
We = the participants
I = the participant / the participating leader
Globe = the context (culture and organizational development)

Schema afbeelding MGI+web achtergrondkleur

By examining the connections between the points of the triangle in the sphere, a framework is realized in which people can get to know each other and support each other at a different level.

For us, as an artist duo working under the brand name work # art, the art that we make works as a catalyst. The use of old materials as “lived through” reinforces this effect.
In our cooperation we let the differences between us work for us. The art that arises is something that we could not have invented or achieved independently of each other.
The process for this is confronting, processing and reflective.
Poetry and dynamics at the same time.
Constantly changing in terms of perspective, design and perspective.

work # art
art is at the heart of development
art embraces diversity
art integrates cultural, social, political, and scientific norms
art is an investment in humanity
art is working in its go
art is
the heart is
roots are connected in open air

For an even more poetic approach to our mission and vision