B&DcloseUp kopie

Douwe Buwalda and Bert van der Sluijs

We both finished the training college at the Academy for Visual Arts in Amersfoort.


Combines imagery and poetry in his work, using all possible means and media, except books.
He works on the tension between dynamics and reflection, which through silence and concentration comes into its own. The work starts to take shape, forms a conscience, starts to breathe like a skin, in each new environment in a new and different way.
He also educates students in methods of cultural work in order to help integrate all kinds of art in community events.


His autonomous work consists of multidimensional collage compositions. In his sculptures (often made of found objects) irony, delight and oppression struggle for pride of place.
His work has a theatrical aura/character. This is no surprise, because as a theatre designer he creates and builds decors for the stage, film and television.
He also provides artistically and technical support and coaching for art projects of colleagues.

Since 2003 we cooperate more and more intensive and we make the collective AndArt, what changes in 2011 to work#art. This is the name we use from now on, under the umbrella workheart Foundation, as a artists duo.

Creating art we work together, each starting from our own ideas and inventions, inviting the other to react on what one of us proposes. Searching to express what lives inside us, a common perspective develops in our eyes. That process keeps each other sharp like both sides of a knife. The working of that knife on its turn, gives the work the opportunity to make space for itself, growing into what it intends to be.

We also keep on looking for new settings for the images, to give them the opportunity to start their own life in giving a new shape by meaning and aura.
So locations are an important factor too.
The work on its turn changes the setting into a new environment for the visitor. And that change of scenery represents a new framework for us to concentrate on further perspectives and themes and motivates us to create new work elsewhere.