Als vervolg op ons project ‘Balance’  in het Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), werden we uitgenodigd door de directrice, Mrs. Thanh Cao Mã, om als curator zelf een tentoonstelling samen te stellen. Het plan is om diverse samenwerkingsverbanden aan te gaan en de kunstwerken die daaruit voortkomen tentoon te stellen. Inmiddels zijn we naar Vietnam afgereisd om alle contacten concreet te maken.


We are going to work with Mr. Hoang Ha Tung, an artist who ample has won his spurs; we are still looking for a place to work unknown to all the three of us, so we all are able to look with ‘strange eyes’.


And we are going to work with Hân Trương Thị Ngọc and Trần Thanh Tú, which whom we started last spring; Anna Ly Bich Ngoc, owner of ‘gallery 333′ invited us to make an installation in the garden of Ngyuen Hoai Huong (architect), by his consent of course. We imagine to realize there a follow-up project with Hân and Tú.


We both are originally ceramists; we were asked by the Director of the Terracotta Park Thanh Hà Museum (Hoi An) to contribute to a revitalization of the village potters and craftsmen; we made a plan for giving weekend seminars aimed to build a respectful contact between artisans and interested parties. Furthermore, we assume as ‘work#art’ writing, scratching poetry into the wet clay skin of the ceramics from mr. Tuấn, or edit the exterior otherwise.


Mrs. Dinh Thi Huong Nga, Director of ‘Lacquer-factory Huong Nga Fine Arts Co., Ltd’., is particularly charmed by our work and with her we achieved an agreement in principle: investigate the possibilities of a form of cooperation between the factory, her showroom in HCMC and autonomous work we make in the Netherlands. At the moment we are working on a first draft of combinations of our autonomous art and their craft lacquery work, which will be sold in her showroom initially.


In HCMC we made contact with Mrs. Mai of ‘Mai’s Gallery in HCMC’ and achieved an agreement in principle related to a plan to combine exhibition and installation, surrounded by workshops meant for audience and art students.


In Hanoi we also met Natalia Kraevskaia. In the eighties she opened the first indipendent art gallery in Hanoi: Salon Natasha. For the ‘avant garde’ artists. Currently she is organizing a very interesting exhibition in the HCMC Museum FAA. The work of her late husband, the Vietnamese artist Vu Dan Tan (1946 – 2009), is showed in confrontational connection with work of Nguyen Nghia Cuong (*1973).
Natalia also loves our work and is looking for channels to introduce us into her network.