Early December 2015 – middle of March 2016

 little street and a coffee garden in Thú Dúć District, where we lived and worked for the whole period.

During our visit in the autumn of 2014, we brought a prototype of a new artwork, carried out in wood, to the Lacquer Factory of Ms. Huong Nga:
Huong Nga Fine Arts Co., Ltd’.
We ordered three copies in black, white and red Lacquerwork.

After arrival in December 2015 the copies were ready;now we had to bore holes for the prongs of the hay-forks. They had to be touched up with Lacqer and in January the works were completely finished.
Under: the three artworks in progress and eventually finished.

three art#work in Lacquer             drilling holes for the hay-fork          art#work red with hay-fork           how to place the droplet under the hole

art#work black                                            art#work red                                                art#work white

New work in 2015/2016: a cabinet with two doors of an old 2CV car.
The doors we brought from the Netherlands, by plain, to Vietnam.

During our third stay in Vietnam we met Tran Thìen Nhut & Thierry Voeltzel. They are running the company Atelier Saigon, a mix of art and design, making furniture of cardboard. We got very enthusiastic about the beautiful techniques they use and we saw possibilities for making the cabinet around the 2 CV doors. At Chi’s, sister of Nhut, we selected a beautiful lining fabric.

the stripped doors of the 2CV          Nhut&Chi pore over the mould        inside lining of the doors                 doors placed in the cabinet frame

An attempt to show you several phases during building the cabinet.

         Startwave1kl         Startwave2kl         Tussenstadiumkl
saloon hinge from above                start of the ‘wave’ shape                second phase ‘wave’                        for now the end stage

We couldn’t finish the cabinet yet, so …….. we have to come back! We found a storage place in the moving firm Saigon Van; a company of friends of ours. W’ll come back, Saigon!! We want to continue building our Art cabinet. The outside of the doors will be lacquered; Mr. Lê Thanh Dủng of ‘Mai Home Decor’ will do so.

In the meantime,between Lacquerwork and the ’2CV door cabinet’, we worked together with our friend Trần Thanh Tú ( Balance, 2014) and his friend Loi Seven. Bert teaches them how to weld; fun, exciting and very helpful getting jobs in the future. Combining welding techniques with other possibilities they learned earlier, they get an advantage, necessary to keep afloat in a city where so many young artists have to do that.Together they builded a very smart tool to make things easier.