… What you remember .. even beyond your conscience .. is the idea that you’re here …

An installation marks itself room. Inside a man is writing the path on the ground under his feet.In their interaction a spiral procession is created between inside and outside, high and low, deep and far.In the excitement of it spins around a child on a tricycle.
The child’s world of ideas finds his imagination on the silver screen.

‘Stilstaan bij begane grond’ is a performance, first time carried out on the occasion of Artroute ‘Weg van Kunst 2009′ in collaboration with Linda K. Anderson.

We collaborate without a preconceived plan; we use our differences. We organize this process in a way spontaneity comes first. We let surprise ourselves and that way we meet things we never could have thought of in advance. This way it’s also exciting for the audience

Douwe transforms what occurs in phrases and characters and writes these down at the path of the tricycle.
Gradually develops, through reflection on the writing, the meaning he assigns it per moment.

In the preparation Bert improvised in the same way by drawing from his studio stock. Pottering around in his own archives he reached, together with the other two, a version, suitable to show to the audience.

Linda is following what they do and surrounds it with her work. She is assimilating arises thoughts to something that occurs to her and indicates that in time by the size of the canvas she wins, by painting, on the white.

Stilstaan Bij Begane Grond

the pictures show video films of the performance

you can invite us to carry out the performance in an adapted version by mutual agreement