During the Kunstschouw from 16 to 24 June 2012 in the spacious garden of Atelier de Bovenkamer, we actualise an installation that arises from the theme ‘in a beginning’, an issue that we are engaged with over a longer period of time. And because we are dealing in workshops with Foucault’s question:  ‘Why don’t we make our lives an artpiece?’, we are combining the two subjects.

So working and converting these issues, we came out on ‘Palimpsest’, the titel of our installation. That is: peeling, distinguishing, rearrange and rewrite the stratifications we come across. Within the themes, the landscape and in our working process. Out of this savage and empty soil on the new spot, our art rises literally out of the ground and into the air. In fact, how blank is this savageness and emptiness after all? How frank does art work?  Every moment is to be taken as ‘in a beginning’ of a future. Every spot offers a beginning like that: here, now and what comes up to you from the horizon. Playing with time and space like this, a expectant and fanciful vision arises. A future that, in the eyes of many people, is at stake. You can ask yourself: what is at stake after all? ‘Skimming light’. Everything present on the spot offers you an other sight, if you look at it this way. The spirit that is about and the images that come up out of that, raise a ‘dust’. ‘Dust’ to reflection.

The third version of ‘ExLibris’ is part of ‘Palimpsest’; the first one was for 9 months at the Cloister Garden of Museum Elburg.

On this ‘Kunstschouw’ work#art takes care of an interactive workshop ‘life as an artwork’.

Photo- Report

Kunstschouw Zeeland