Little Ship sailing


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after a proces of 6 months cooperating, try out, fall, get up again and building it’s almost done:

At Thursday 8 June Little Ship and her Waves are raised out of the swimming pool and brought to the location in the IJssel.
A proper operation carried out by Kraanbedrijf BKF and Smit Transport and managed by Frans, Pieter and Bert. Now all the components are assembled on the pontoon. It was filmed and photographed, inter alia, by Thomas Bartelds met zijn drone en onze huisfilmer Nathan Venendaal.
Douwe also filmed all day. He posted a film about the transport of a set of waves and one of the last hoists on de pontons.


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At Thursday 15 June the event starts: The International Hanze Days 2017 in Kampen!
Besides the activities around ‘Scheepje op Houten Golven’, we participate in more parts of the program:

 Oorgat  * work#art logo SoHG 1 transp middel installation ‘Scheepje’

opening move Friday 16 June at 10.30 am

‘Scheepje’s’ first move will be taking place during the festive opening swing. We invited people from all walks of life who give, together with the volunteer crew, a first swier at the big row. That will bring ‘Scheepje op Houten Golven’ (Ship on Wooden Waves) in heave. Take a good look and experience how it’s going to keep that fence up. Let the ship dance and the waves dive .. all the Hanze days long!

Let Scheepje dance during the Hanze Days:

Since ‘Scheepje en haar Golven’ have been forged and the volunteers become a team, ‘Scheepje’ and Crew work#art invite you, as a public, to move. This can be done at:’

Friday 16 and Saturday 17 June   11.00am – 8.00pm
Sunday 18 June                          01.00am – 5.00pm

Lutherse Kerk  work#art logo hanze-elan transp  booglogoGoudTRANSPARANTworkshop Hanze-elan’

Interactive conversations: Hanze-elan 2017

Each conversation is framed by two film documentaries: the first one, made by Nathan Venendaal talks about the construction process. A second film is made by Esmee Bongers and talks about the first steps of the Rogge Botters club in the project and their collaboration with the Kamper Kogges. Rogge Botters in our crew are Single Minor Strangers who are accomodated at the COA at Roggebotsluis during their asylum application until their 18th birthday. The development of their participation as a volunteer in a historical and regional event. The search experienced from the other side. That also applies for our befriended Vietnamese artists who arrived a month ago to participate in ‘Scheepje’.

Three conversations by Bert Rietman with Douwe Buwalda and the audience following the installation project ‘Scheepje op Houten Golven’. A project in which we were cooperating with the volunteers around a work of art out of everyone’s appropriate approach. An expedition associated with falling and getting up, searching, making choices and especially: contact. Also with the city.
The interactive conversations are aimed at people who are interested in the concept of ‘a life as artwork’ developed by duo work#art and the experiences we encountered during this development and construction process. This time within our chosen challenge: Hanze-elan 2017.
Are you curious about our development-oriented approach? And how it works out in this international company? Do you want to get something out for your own style of life? The workshop can also be used for business and government. Attention: The workshops start sharp on time:

Saturday 11.00am – 12.00am Dutch and Kampers spoken
                04.00pm – 05.00pm English spoken
Sunday    02.00pm – 03.00pm English spoken

Lutherse Kerk  work#art logo hanze-elan transp  exhibition project ‘Scheepje’

a review of a six-month developing and building, in models and designs.
moving boats, ingenious trials, sails of jute coffee bags and more.

soundscape en fotodocumentation:
Suzelot Karduks (crew work # art) and Hilda Helmhout (Verhalenhuis Kampen) have made an image and sound work together, where the pictures supporting the sound and vice versa.
Unfortunately, this can not be done by all kinds of circumstances.

Church is open Saturday 11.00am – 08.00pm and Sunday 01.00pm – 05.00pm  Attention: during the workshops the church is closed

work#art Showroom  # kopieklein  Tables

Showroom work#art is opened during the Hanze Days
Friday and Saturday  11.00am – 08.00pm 
Sunday                    01.00am – 05.00pm

You are welcome to visit our special exhibition of special design tables.
If you are interested as a buyer, we can make an appointment for a later conversation.
If desired, we can also create a special table version adapted to your own environment.

IJsselkade MS Hester 5-1 DEF LR MS Hester in ‘from Kogge to Coaster ‘

Motorship Hester (built in 1927) the ship’s type is Luxury Motor; also called a ‘Wad and Sontvaarder’. Instead of being dependent on wind power and wind direction, the ship moved on its own motor power. Once equipped with a MAN diesel and since over 40 years with a 75 HP Industrial Engine, she distanced the sailing ship. A huge advance in that time. With its typical steep steven and “worn ass” it also sailed the Wadden and northern coastal areas. The self-relieving mast has been added to the ship anew. Can you imagine where our swing and drive around Ship on Wood Waves comes from?

De Sigaar  # kopieklein Bokje  Water Wood Fire Smoke

‘De Sigaar’ shows an exhibition artists of the STAKK studio complex; during from 15 juni – 31 juli.
Open: 10.00am – 04.00pm

‘De Sigaar’ is the new name of the ‘Oude Tabaksmuseum’ at Botermarkt 3 and is an exhibition room now.The title of the expo is used as a guide to the works of art.

As a duo work # art we investigate the possibilities who are hidden in in every ignorance beginning. In the earliest moment of distinction in contact. And how that’s continuing in the length of time it raises. This way we get to the touch and the sound of hollow barrels. Just as we investigated the sound of the moment in which the pen hit the white paper. One of these barrels is now in ‘De Sigaar’ waiting for that beginning. Other barrels are hanging in the Showroom and random in Huize Maria. One of our AIR artists: Mark Nieuwenhuis put an impression at youtube.

The opening will be at Saturday 17 June at 09.00pm

Open during Hanze Days:
Friday 16 and Saturday 17 June  10.00am – 06.00pm
Sunday 18 June                         13.00am – 05.00pm 

Our sponsors, financial or in kind: 

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