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We are working at the translation of the short edition of the project ‘Little Vessel on Wooden Waves‘.

Little Vessel on Wooden Waves

 Working plan artists duo work#art, Bert van der Sluijs and Douwe Buwalda


Starting at 1 februari 2017  work#art is going to work together with 10 – 15 volunteers, in a special studio, under artistic and group dynamic supervision,  at an artwork what’s described below as ‘Motivation’. This work is divided into day parts, where necessary with rotation, increasing as the Hanseatic Days draw closer. At least one of the artists of work # art will always be present in the studio when working there.

A production manager will be hired for the daily practical coordination of all activities. He / she will monitor the progress of the agreements made jointly for the work. This will include the delivery and removal of materials, coffee and lunch, contacts with cooperating companies and with the producer of the International Hanseatic Days 2017.

Working period 02-01-2016 t/m 18-06-2017

Preparation (occasional) 15-06-2015 until 15-03-2016
Preparation (weekly) 15-03-2016 t / m 31-12-2016
Work period (more intensive) 01-02-2016 until 15-03-2017
Working period (daily) 16-03-2017 t / m 18-06-2017
Working period completion 19-06-2017 until 23-06-2017

Preparing traject

The scale model ‘Little Vessel on Wooden Waves’ was developed in 2007 by Bert van der Sluijs and Douwe Buwalda on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Openbarstig weerbaar’ in the Koornmarktspoort in Kampen. In 2015, the artists submitted a plan to the organization of the International Hanseatic Days 2017 in Kampen. It was a project in which an enlarged version of the aforementioned scale model is realized.

In 2016 client Niek van der Sprong Cultural Productions chose this plan to be executed as part of the Museum Quarter, one of the four quarters where Kampen is divided during the Hanseatic Days.


What’s making this project that special?

The municipality of Kampen has formulated the following mission for the International Hanseatic Days 2017: With the international Hanseatic Days we want to draw attention to Kampen as a modern Hanseatic city and the region nationally and internationally.

Based on this mission, artist duo Douwe Buwalda and Bert van der Sluijs conceived the plan from February 2017 together with 10 to 15 volunteers and under their supervision

1. To create a kinetic artwork: a location-specific installation that visualises their approach to the adventurous trade spirit, the inventive spirit of
cooperation and the business dynamics of the Hanseatic League in an artfully poetic way. On the basis of a scale model as inspiration, a poetic image is
realized of a Kog ship, dancing on wooden waves.
2. The entire process is recorded by means of photo, film and interviews.
3. All products of untracked roads (result of the artistic final supervision of work # art) within the creative process are exhibited.
4. Prior to and following the development and manufacturing process, a number of workshops will be developed that will be offered to interested parties: eg
the volunteers, involved sponsors (the business community and the authorities are encouraged to make their contribution to the ‘Hanze-elan’), visitors,
companies and (government) institutions.The artwork is set in motion by the public. The aim is to let the process as a whole determine the exact outcome.
This way everyone participates in something that is greater than yourself in all respects. Audiences and creators are challenged in this form of art practice
to experience whether and how the ‘Hanze-elan’ still lives within the Kamper ranks and whether this metaphor offers a perspective to the future.

The cooperation with the volunteers, between the voluntary participants and ultimately between the public and the makers, makes this project so special>

We look for Dutch volunteers at the various Vrijwilligerscentrals in Kampen e.o. We will also use the UWV for people who have a greater distance to the labor market. We can also use the Network Hanzedagen of Niek van der Sprong Cultural Productions. For the international volunteers we have contact with ‘de Olde Vechte’ in Hanseatic city Ommen. This center offers under the so-called E.V.S. scheme young people from Europe the opportunity to gain experience in a strange environment. There are also contacts with COA-Dronten to allow interested, fully-refused, refugees to participate. Good for them, us, the other volunteers and the general public. COA-Dronten is prepared to use a supervisor who is familiar with them and their specific ins and outs.

In addition to the artistic level, the cooperation is also provided with guidance. The great diversity of participants requires careful coordination. Douwe Buwalda is not only an artist but also a professional in this field. Local volunteers come into contact with long-distance, international and even displaced participants. This mottled company creates a complex group dynamic that requires professional guidance. The process that goes through with each other partly determines the final form and appearance of the artwork. The makers gradually take over the responsibility for the artwork and guide the audience as owner to further move the presented final result.
This process forms the spin-off to a variety of application possibilities. See: elaboration workshops.

In order to prepare the volunteers for content, we go with them to the City Archives, the Stedelijk Museum Kampen and to various exhibitions that can serve as inspiration. Such as the ‘IJsselkogge’ that is being investigated on the New Land site in Lelystad.

Capturing the process

A registration of the entire process is made via photo, video and interviews. The documentation will be part of an exhibition on the Hanseatic Days itself, where attention is also paid to the untrammeled and or continued roads during the process. The exhibition space for this will have the same appearance as the installation. This way everyone’s contribution is honored, even if it is not part of the final artwork. Moreover, this gives insight into the process.

An important part of the project is that the whole process is recorded on video and shown during the International Hanseatic Days 2017 in Kampen. That is a time-consuming job, but almost indispensable for the project. We are working on this as an internship for a number of students. Capturing on video is so important because on the one hand it is very instructive for everyone, including duo work # art, to see how this approach has worked here; both on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ moments. In addition, the experiences from this field during the workshops are elaborated and translated into current events.
The process will also be recorded on photo and through interviews. These will also be on display during the Hanseatic Days in the specially decorated exhibition space. During the construction period, a monthly report with photos will be published in the digital newspaper ‘Kampenonline’.

The installation during the Hanseatic Days

The installation will be an enlarged, poetic version of the scale model “Scheepje op Houten Waves”. In total, it will be about 20 meters long, 8 meters wide, 3.5 meters high and a mast of 8 meters. The whole is made from almost exclusively recycled material
The main theme of the work is ‘Hanze-elan’. Keywords are: experiment, expedition, cooperation, commitment, perspectives, sustainability and win-win thought. Just like during the development of the Hanseatic League itself.
The creative process is a reflection of this theme and its keywords. The participants do not know in advance exactly what will result from their cooperation. To this end they have committed themselves to this adventure by letting them take place with their experience and dedication, which seemed almost impossible in advance.
Once on location, the group of builders is the collective owner of the local attraction. The ‘Hanseatic days’ public is invited to join forces to set the monster in motion. The work of art is constructed in such a way that it can only be achieved by united forces. The builders accompany the audience. For the viewing public it will look as if it is not possible, which is happening before their eyes. With this, viewers and viewers will experience together that what seemed impossible beforehand, can still be set in motion. A current and poetic vision of the old ‘Hanze-elan’.

The exhibition of the side-products ‘ and the reporting of the process will be constantly on view during the Hanseatic Days in the relevant location. As mentioned above, a deposit of the entire process will also be visible here.

De workshops 

Four different types of workshops will take place in the coming year:

  1. Prior to the production process with the volunteer employees. To warm up a bit and prepare for the upcoming process.
  2. During the production process for suppliers and interested parties and people who want to contribute to generate further involvement, provide information about progress and exchange. This is a result of workshops during our own Waxing Moon Days.
  3. The workshops ‘Hanze-elan anno 2017′ take place during the Hanseatic Days itself. They will be embedded in the broad framework of the Hanze days and will take place at a specified location at specified times. There are, besides TGI, all kinds of work forms possible.
  4. There are lines to two people who can lead the workshop.
  • Theme: work # art Has put its approach, method and perspective ‘on the line’, research is being done on how this method can be put on the map as a meaningful contribution to the Hanze-elan.
  • In terms of participants, one can think of various business associations in Kampen: ZP, VOC, IC, existing organizational relationships within small and medium-sized businesses. Also at regional level. But also the guests: delegations from the other Hanseatic cities and administrative bodies.

    Even after the Hanseatic Days there is an opportunity to register at this workshop. Workshops can be given in all sorts of contexts about the results and findings of this project.

Way of working and organization

Prior to the manufacturing process, as little as possible is recorded on paper. This is to ensure that all space is provided for everyone’s input. In this way we meet the need to get together that which each individual would never think of. The maximum contribution of ideas and solutions will ensure an unexpected outcome of the artwork. The creative process is recorded on video and will give the audience an insightful insight into what enthusiasm is capable of. In a parallel exhibition, the attempts that have not reached the finish line (side products) will be shown. This also provides insight into the manufacturing process, with ‘trial and error’ contributing to the quality of the final result.

The employees are volunteers of all ages (adolescent to 65+) from all corners of society (religious denominations and social strata). Both Kampenaren and enthusiastic people from outside the city and country borders to the COA. In short, we strive for the greatest possible diversity. The Hanseatic League has been very international since its inception and this project will also reflect this. We foresee that these volunteers can only devote themselves to the process for several days a week and will therefore focus on a kind of shiftwork for which serious efforts will be made to coordinate the production process.






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