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The opening move at Friday 16 June

Little Ship in the Press

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Ending the project ‘Little Ship on Wooden Waves

From 15 t/m 18 juni the municipality of Kampen host of the International Hanze Days 2017.
Artists’ work # art has submitted a plan as a participant in the cultural section and that is honored.
Since then, Niek van der Sprong and work # art have worked together to realize that project.

** work#art-SoHG-origineel

With the scale model in the picture above as a starting point, artist duo (work # art) has taken the plan to create a moving artwork from January 2017 with around 15 volunteers: an on-site installation that focuses on the adventurous commercial spirit, the Innovative insight into collaboration and the business dynamics of the Hanze Covenant in an artistic poetic manner. The whole is composed of recycled material. On the basis of a scale model as inspiration, they are going to realize a life-sized, poetic image of a ship, dancing on wooden waves. (link:

** work#art1-SoHG-droom

With our projects we punch the earth over the noddle. This time we play a home match in Kampen. With a crew of many volunteers, we are trying to give an actual face to the Hanze elan of old days

Little Ship on Wooden Waves (Scheepje op Houten Golven) is a life-sized installation inspired by a scale model that can be seen in MacHelp’s window and on flyers in the city. We made this moving image in Kampen’s former swimming pool.
Now the audience turns to let it dance above the river IJssel.

Duo work#art is doing more of these kinds of projects: we call them art#works. They enter an exciting relationship with the place where they end up: hence the name ‘installations’. Sometimes they stand somewhere a year, sometimes a season but usually shorter. They are not created for eternity. They are an impetus for the moment and the environment. We do these kinds of projects everywhere on earth. Up to Asia. Afterwards we make a seed of the material we used and leave it in the ground. As an impression that roots around and wrecks around in the earth for a flourishing sequel to that place. After all, new events ripen? And each time has a different shape. That applies to the place, time and also to us. This creates development.

Every human being is different. Differences are human. To cope with is human work. We want to give quality and work it out in our view of art. Hence the name ‘work#art’. Isn’t any contact you start, any environment you enter, the challenge of meeting something new? Such experiences we seek as a duo. Our art#works can get from the ground by engaging with the environment. They happen to us in collaboration. Preferably with people we do not know. People who look strange to each other while they are doing something together. We investigate bit by bit how things are going on site,. The art that arises of it brings into rapture! That way, each project will be a new expedition and each installation will be a new adventure, producing a unique artwork. About that credo we often attend workshops. During, after, on-site or elsewhere. Because how we work and how it works is always a story apart. A form of practical science, useful in every sector of cooperation.

Two of us were born here. Many volunteers too. So, we know the city.
As Crew of Kamper Kogges we work with people we would never met otherwise. Just like during the Hanze. An international company in a global project: Scheepje op Houten Golven. And the city is becoming more and more involved in its well-being and the people who cooperate.
How, whit what and in any form whatsoever. Everyone’s involvement, everyone’s perspective is welcome. We are different? Join us in a life as a work of art.
With a crew from Rogge Botters and Kamper Kogges and Vietnamese looking for a new form for the Hanze elan of old times.

 Work # kopieklein bold and balanced # kopieklein
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