Even if there is such a thing as ‘reality’, it is always subject to change. It is our own imagination that constantly regenerates and recycles our reality. In our work we do the same. Parts of our installations keep returning to be reused in a new context.

This work all started in the nineties of the last century with a cart in a street theatre act. Bert builded that cart. A man in the audience was fascinated by this image. In 2013, in the prospect of his decease, he remembered the cart and with his last will the first version of this sculpture was born. During his funeral ceremony the cart transformed. Out of the idea that someone who has passed away is kept alive in the minds of those who stay behind, it became a vehicle that transports ones thinking.


In the second version of the cart, there is nothing but the thoughts of the audience that form the load of the cart. The cart is being pulled by your inner world, reality and lets you experience yourself while doing so. By adding the slow running turntables, we invite the audience to take part in the artwork, by standing on them. This addition invites the audience to experience their own load/reality through our work.

The third version of ‘Presence of absence’ is in the glass envelope of the Christian Agricultural College Vilentum in Dronten. Together with ‘ExLibris’, ‘Balanswagen’ and another two works they make up the new installation ‘Omgang’ and during six months they become re-energized for a follow-up. Just below the skin are often many essential nutrients. Since the influence of the work can ripen well. We invite the public to reflect and comment on the development. How do you deal with what gradually comes to mind? Are you a thin- or a thikpeeler. Do you eat with the pod? At least eat heartly.

‘Omgang’ participates in a group exhibition together with six other artists.

Where will the fourth version of ‘Presence of absence’ arise and with what traits?