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A couple of months ago we accepted the invitation to make an installation at Hoàng Hà Tùng’s studio on the occasion of his birthday.
In preparation of our collaboration with Tung* in the near future we created the installation in his atelier.
To build our installation we had three days available. Once arrived on the spot we exchanged, as usual, our original plan into a new one.
Far from civilization not everything is available. Besides, we love to work with local materials.
A few sacks, thin jute rope, iron wire and bamboo. Long pieces and one as thick as a wrist.

work#art AtelierTung work#art AtelierTung work#art AtelierTung work#art AtelierTung

The biggest problem was to get in the long bamboo stem. But we succeeded exactly without taking out the roof tiles.
The ladder was repaired at all rungs, but with the greatest caution the most lightest of us was able to go up.
Finally it became an installation of two steal obliquely raised as scratches pulled through space,
which hung in a stretch of split bamboo picked pans cloth.
In the canvas lei, in an egg-shaped heap of leaves from the forest, two seeds brought from the Netherlands .

work#art AtelierTung work#art AtelierTung work#art AtelierTung work#art AtelierTung

The meaning of the seeds is that one of them will be planted in the North and the other one in the South of Vietnam.
As a continuation of what we started in the Netherlands in the convent garden of Museum Elburg and 50 meters deep
under the ground in Kampen.

work#art AtelierTung work#art AtelierTung Pootgat voor zaad+coordinaten dieplader

It continued as planned. Under the watchful eye of the TV camera and all distinguished guests remotely photographing,
the first seed is planted at 21∘ 12 ’52.56 “N and 106∘ 27′ 59.42″ O. in Vietnamese soil.
Wish it will be bearing fruit.

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