An installation has been set up in Museum Elburg’s botanical garden. The installation will be open for view from 15 June 2011 to 14 January 2011. The installation forms part of a growth process that will take place through three phases.

1st phase: June 15, set up the base for the growing process and symbolically sowing of the seeds.

2nd phase:  June 25, replacement of one of the seeds by putting back a young plant with an encyclopedia in its branche, still closed.

3rd phase:  July 9, setting up the final growing form with a complete ecyclopedia in it’s branches. Opened up like flowers.

film moving leaves

Also in the garden the collage: ‘balanswagen’ is placed. In the bench-vices on both sides,  two books are held up, trying to balance each other.

film balanswagen and moving leaves

14 January 2012 ExLibris Ritual 4: Exigo Ricordato

ExLibris Ritueel 4 Afscheid

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