First impression on picture of our collaboration with two young Vietnamese artists:
Hân Trương Thị Ngọc and Trần Thanh Tú


preparation in working place        construction in the Museum         work in progress                        detail of the wheelconstruction
Hȃn and Tú                                 hanging the lamp of luck

Sunday 4th of May 2014 – The opening of the exhibition ‘MeetingPoint’ in the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum, in presence of the Dutch Consul General in Viet Nam and his wife.
The exhibition shows artworks of 25 Dutch and 11 Vietnamese artists, collected by Mr. Roby Bellemans.
In the Netherlands he launched a call to participate in these exhibition and after that he gathered the interested artists. 
Besides he concerned about all needed contacts in Vietnam, he packed up and shipped the artworks.,
The show lasts until the 18th of May 2014.

Most exhibitors did transport their works by plane from Holland and hang it on the walls of the Museum.
Two participants build up an installation. work#art Is one of them.
Our work developed on the spot being a collaboration project what’s representing two cultures. We cooperated with two Vietnamese artists using materials we found here.
The result of this collaboration is called ‘Balance’.
When you are going upstairs the steps of the Museum, the installation is directly seen in the immense entrance.
Our work is also colossal of dimensions, so that fits. It became the eyecatcher of the exhibition.

After two weeks of intensive working to find artists and a place to work , we do now introduce Hân Trương Thị Ngọc and Trần Thanh Tú.
De Fine Art Association recommanded them being nominated in the catalogue of the 3th Biennale for young artists 2013.
Starting with nothing, only cooperation; there was a wonderful click and together we developed and constructed the installation.
Our history, past and artistic background combined with theirs. Their future next to ours for a while. Age differences providing a hugh richness.
Proceeding from that depth a beautiful learning process came into being at both sides; we exchanged know-how, experiences and ideas and learned from each other.

Sunday before opening it seems to be an impossible job to create a topinstallation within a week.
At Thursday it wasn’t entirely clear if our work was banned by the censors or not.
Two hours before opening we finished our flyer.

A first-rate artwork was born and surely deserves his titel: ‘Balance’.
It has been both an astonishing delicate cooperation as well as it became an impressive piece of art.
We are so happy and proud! Just like everybody around us. Also Hȃn’s mom who made the brooms, especially for this artwork.

De director of the Ho Chi Minh Museum of Fine Arts, Thanh Cao, was very impressed by ‘Balance’.
She did risk her neck for this artwork and apparently she did it for a good reason!
She was very satisfied with the initiative to combine two cultures the way we did.
Others gave us beautiful reactions too; sometimes in meanings we were not aware ourselves. Splendid!

Underneath a couple of pictures made during the opening ceremony.
The welcome sign above the installation is a grafiti-artwork made by Stefan Bellemans.
The text has been written mirrorwise: ‘WELKOM’, as well in Vietnamese as in Dutch and will be legible in the black mirror under the installation. A beautiful gesture visitors appreciated and made them smile.


From the left to the right: museum director Thanh Cao  and the  Dutch Consul General and his wife; reading names of ancestors, painted bij Hȃn and Tù; staff member of the museum introducing speakers; public and artists both enjoying the exhibition.

We did it again; once more we incited a room to an exciting en surprising metamorphosis!

Invite us and you will enter into an adventure; where you will end up is not quite certain; it’s for sure it will be a beautiful installation!