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a lyrical investigation

The area of ​​Thrace has been inhabited by the Indo-European Thracians since the 5th millennium BC. The empire is the birthplace of European civilization. It is difficult to say to what extent their area extended because a large part of the Thracians wandered around.

From the 8th century BC. the Thracian coast was colonized by the Greeks.
The Thracians managed to shield themselves from the Greek influence. On the other hand, there was a Thracian influence on early Greek society, as evidenced by the takeover of the Thracian war god Ares and the worship of Orpheus, who came from Thrace.

The fact that Orpheus was considered a Thracian in classical times shows that Thrace was regarded as the center of music in ancient Greece. The influences of Thracian music would continue to live in the music of the regions in which Thrace was absorbed.
The ancient Thracian folk music is the forerunner of what we know today as typical Bulgarian, Macedonian or Turkish music.

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Music has its origin as a sound, in repetition a mantra forms and from a mantra an image is formed.
That image in turn develops into music.

We look for that origin in these ancient cultures; the Romans, the Greeks and the Bulgarians.
We follow a trail, following the sound along the cores of Western culture, for now restricting ourselves to Europe: the Balkans.

Europe is gradually made up of 28 countries, but cohesion is becoming increasingly difficult to find.
With this lyrical search we go back to the origins of European civilization to find, through sound and image and music, an artistic start for a new coherence that will use the differences between the various countries instead of continuing to work alienatingly.

The multimedia project ‘Anklang’ consists of three parts

* ‘Goud op Snee’ – an existing, but to be restored and re-used image.
* ‘Tired Landscape’ – experience an already initiated development as a location-specific installation
* ‘Anklang’ – a now started but still completely open multimedia research we are passing through and participating in the form of an expedition

Below we will keep you informed about the progress of the project ANKLANG.

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