Tùng tussen werk uit Vietnam Ganzendiep2 IMG_0611 Tung Schets Douwe

It is hardly possible to believe how energetic and profound Hoàng Hà Tùng works; barely he was in our last Thursday (14 sept.), or the accompanying work from Vietnam had already been unpacked. Everywhere he searched for places to hang his drawings and paintings on handmade rice paper.

Later he was already sketching in the front room and explaining his plans for his stay in Kampen. It turned out that he portrayed significant farmers in Vietnam. He would like to make also portraits of Dutch farmers in order to expose the similarity and/or the contradiction.
He also paints and draws the landscape surrounding Kampen and anyone he likes portraying after he has een granted permission for it.

We know Tùng from the exhibition MeetingPoint, organized by Mr. Bellemans, and a later visit to his studio in the hills above Hanoi.

We of course were also painted; yesterday during diner he has already made a start; see the little portrait of Douwe.
The Koornmarktspoort was painted at Friday and this morning he and his wife Huong were very early at the Ganzendiep.

Sunday afternoon 17th September is probably the most dynamic opening of an exhibition you ever saw. It may happen that new work is added at the last moment. Everyone who is curious, we cordially invite this opportunity to meet this special artist.
The exhibition will be seen from 17 to 26 September in the showroom work#art, Huize Maria, IJsselkade 25 in Kampen.

Opening hours: every day from 11:00 to 17:00; when the door is closed because of wind or rain, please ring the bell or call! 06-22065824 or 83117664

Coming 10 days we will keep you informed at this page.

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Actually, it didn’t work out very well to keep you informed; we took out Tùng everywhere and arranged everything for him.
Nevertheless, here’s a small hold of what happened in the past week. In the showroom you can see everything he painted this week.

Though, he was late at the opening, but with a fresh painting; afterwards he worked as a Razende Roeland.

We bring him to the farms for portraits, and on the way he picks up the landscapes. And if we do not have a look at him in town, he has a mill on the canvas. Or a gate. We try to get in touch with him, but he always paints! He really has to do it. Passers-bys are not always safe for him, and if he sees someone who is “paintable” among our friends, that goes on the canvas too. Fortunately, always with permission from the person concerned! (^ .. ^)

The showroom is slowly full packed with all the work.
But fortunately, there is still room for spectators.
So come and see, it’s worth it.
For another 2 days his work is here and meanwhile he works until the end.
He just can not let it go.

Do not let this experience pass you by and watch these days.
Or come to the festive Finissage that we organize on Tuesday, September 26th, from 7.30pm.
Tùng then takes good leave by handing the portraits to the models; of course, this is all accompanied by a bite and a drink.

On Wednesday, September 27th, Tùng and Huong will return to Vietnam.
Then this party has lasted 10 days and it’s suddenly over.
Do not miss it!

Showroom work # art, Huize Maria, IJsselkade 25 in Kampen

Hours: Every day from 11:00 to 17:00

Finissage: Tuesday evening 26 September at 7.30

Welcome everyone and the access is free!