Just before the opening in Huize Maria KampenOnline interviewed Tùng, Douwe and Bert.
Diana de Groot asked the questions and Rudi Last made the video.
In the meantime, Tùng quickly painted a portrait of Diana.


below the link to video.

A few impressions of the opening that turned out to be very animated.
Alderman Irma van der Sloot also had to go in; she could hardly pronounce her opening speech because
Tùng was too impatient to be allowed to paint her portrait.
Much more important than words to be said.
At one of the pictures you can see how he tells her and us what’s his urge to make art.
Always and at all times; whatever the circumstances, he has to paint what touches him.
And that’s exactly what made the click between work#art and Tùng. It and grew into a deep, art based friendship.

His text in Vietnamese:Tôi đến đây với tư cách 1 nghệ sĩ, Bổn phận của Tôi là làm cho các, Bạn yê u cái Tôi yêu …
Our translation : I came here as an artist, My duty is to make these, You love what i love

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Clarck Wilinski of RTV IJsselmond made a beautiful portrait and an impression of the opening: https://youtu.be/lbbvUKYFKPk

In the meantime, we have set up a second exhibition in the shared space of our workshop in Het Werk, Zandbergstraat 2 in IJsselmuiden.

On Saturday 15 December we organized Open House with work by Tùng within the permanent exhibition of all artists of Het Werk.

Special incident is that at 11.00 hours the Vietnamese ambassador, mrs. Ngô Thi Hòa, made her entrance to visit the work of Tùng and meet him and all of us. After the visit to Het Werk, where mayor Koelewijn was also present, she left for Huize Maria. There too she was pleasantly surprised by the artistic contact we have with Tùng. She clapped her hands after the speech that Douwe uttered to welcome her. He emphasized the strength and influence that art could and should have. She is doing this right now at diplomatic level.

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