Rek l and Rek ll

‘Omgang’, an autonomous installation

a tree is known by its fruit

As a duo we want to be in contact with the work what arises between us. In our projects, the art#works develop step by step and take us along in their full growth. Getting along, work, art and workers gradually assemble, creating a learning process aiming to become fruitful.
Once yielded, the art#work seeks for a place to take root in association with the ambulatory of the building.
In this gallery of glass; plentiful illuminated the effect will run its course in the encounter with the public.

In this gallery the influence of the work can ripen well.
It’s like just below the bast of a tree and the skin of a fruit, there are often many essential nutrients. We invite the public to reflect and comment on the nutritional value for you. How do you deal with what gradually comes to mind? Are you a thin- thin- or a thick-peeler. Do you eat with the pod?

At least eat heartily!

ExLibris                                           Jonge Loot                                       Balanswagen                                   Presence of absence

Autonomous installation parts:

1. Balanswagen.
2. Zuiver Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek.
3. Rek1 & Rek2.
4. Presence of Absence.
5. ExLibris-3.

Sell- or rent price on demand.


On Sunday April 24 , the exhibition in the glass envelope of the Christian Agricultural College Vilentum opened in Dronten.
The next six months there will be exhibited six works of art # work within a group exhibition with six other artists.
Even from the road you can see the three -meter-high third version of the ExLibris Tree and inside the ‘work#art trail’ is easy to follow.
The exhibition is open to the public during the opening hours of the building CAH Vilentum : +31(0)88 020 6000 .

The exhibition is an initiative of the Foundation for Arts Council Dronten.