Schema afbeelding TGI+web achtergrondkleurFundamentals of TCI

An open system with fundamental values.
TCI starts from a portrayal of mankind in which respect for all that lives and grows forms the central point.
An important insight is that we as humans are autonomous and simultaneously interdependent. The more we are aware of this the more we can take responsibility for ourselves and others.

TCI invites us to examine our ‘free space’ and to exploit it in a creative way.

Central objective is: developing a form of self-control ( Ruth Cohn herself called it: Be your own chairperson ) in full awareness of our connection with others and with the world around us.

The basic model

Wherever people work and learn together, a dynamic tension is created between four factors. Multiple ‘I’ together form a “WE” in relation to a particular task or ‘JOB’. In their turn, these three are related to the environment or the GLOBE. Together, these four factors form the individual components of an interaction system.

This simple basic model can be used to detect all kinds of processes and influences in families, teams, organizations, learning groups, or a village like Thanh Ha. Or the Thanh Ha pottery community, in the eyes of tourists and snoopers.
The ambiance in an organization, the time climate, the challenge we are here and now stand, my mind dispositions, our way of dealing with each other, the space in which we are, what we have to do with each other, my history, the matters we speak out and keep silent .. all this effects and is more or less fore- or background for what we want to get done. All these fundamental aspects are inseparably linked with each other and interact and from all sides.
In the dynamic tension between these four components meaning and interaction is created: the issues at stake, are sometimes made implicitly or explicitly addressed or even suppressed (eg taboos, stressful topics, blind spots …).
From these themes, TCI helps to put further steps. Small but meaningful.

TGI  On group processes and learning directed on experience we like to work from the framework of  Theme Centered Interaction (TCI) in order to work out ‘learning together’. By the’ model of four factors’ one is requiring insight in the complex reality on a theme and it’s getting manageable for participants en counselors. TCI is directed on stimulation of self managing; there is training in participating leadership and aimed at own leadership.

the model of four factors in TGI
Itt          = setting of the task,
We         = the participants
Me         = the participant / the participating leader
Globe     = the context (development of culture and organization)
By investigating the connections between the angles of the triangle within the globe, a frame is realized where everybody can meet and support each other at another level.

Where in TGI the theme occupies the central position, in MGI material does.
Further TGI and MGI are functioning in the same way.

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