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Douwe Buwalda and Bert van der Sluijs are working together, realizing art events, since 2004. From 2010 on they release their projects and products under a new brand: work#art ®

work#art, an incorporating cooperation.

This is what is driving and inspiring us:

Processes that picture our imagination are complex and vital.
To explain what keeps us busy and what our cooperation looks like, words don’t come easy.

In any case, no strict planning is involved in what we do. What we make, announces itself gradually and most of the time quite different from what we’re aiming at. In fact our art works develop step by step and take us along in their full growth. The art of working keeps the process alive. Like this, the artwork and we come together. And even after our work is done, the work keeps developing. Apparently chaotic, a natural kind of structure arranges itself.
Once all set, contemplation is taking it’s time to get the actual existence and perspective clear.

We are not the only producers: for us creating is a form of witnessing. What we do in what engages us, we experience meanwhile.
What we suppose to get done is rarely representing it in its outcome. But facing this we get even more exited to go on.
When we are working, we seek to mirror our imagination into what occurs, each in our own way. Encountering the unknown is a constant surprise and makes us process this into an expression, we haven’t seen yet. In proportion to our surrounding, which is also constantly changing.

In brief, our way of creating allows serendipity to take place.
Art-installation is the best expression form for us, because artwork, makers, environment and the audience are in proportional influence .
Our artwork acts as a condensation kernel to thoughts and impressions. It brings a shining liquid mirror, giving the form its radiation. It grows into a life of it’s own.
Most of the time we chose used materials and objects and that’s no coincidence. Their history gives an unexpected interpretation to the collected composition. When fused upside-down and inside out, familiar forms suddenly become miraculously loaded. Form and content yield a new world.
Set up in a consisting environment, our work allows the space to cooperate, incorporating both worlds. A confrontation is the inevitable consequence.
In that, the search for matches between us, what we realized in word and image and the audience, is what pushing us forward. At their turn, people can relate to this. The whole process pushes on.

After al these interrelations, in which we play and direct our game, it may be clear that art does not stand on itself but is anchored in the whole political-economic and social-cultural spectrum in which we spin. By means of our work we reflect constantly on the quality our part represents.
That quality is being trained when it meets the strange, the other in that spectrum, in order to able to transform into another appearance. In this sense our work is an adventure that we like to share with everyone on this globe.
Seeing life as an artwork. Now is the time to work out.

This is how we see art working with heart. We are very much interested in what’s happening next.
All confrontations are worth attending to, so when applicable, we organize workshops to bring people up to exchange their experiences. We consider this part of our artwork too.
So a work is never done. It becomes a temporary conception of what has been accomplished. New layers keep showing up in versions for further development in form and content, incorporating it’s own history as vital nourishment to grow. Broad, as well as deep approach stays open to take place. Inviting a wide range of spectators to get involved.

work # art
art is at the heart of development
art embraces diversity
art integrates cultural, social, political, and scientific norms
art is an investment in humanity
art is working in its go
art is
the heart is
roots are connected in open air

© Kampen Nl, 20 October 2012 Douwe Buwalda & Bert van der Sluijs

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