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Coming month of April, we are invited to participate in a seminar on Arts & Social Design at Van Lang University in Hồ Chí Minh City.
Together with Bert I develop an article that, combined with visions and perspectives from other internationally-oriented professionals, will be studied and published for the entire university. I am looking forward to work with students again.
Meet enthusiastic people, involve ideas and perspectives and, if possible, develop some concrete plans. And especially to tune in to each other’s expertise in project-based collaboration on art.
Social design is the practical challenge: in every next visit to HO Chi Minh City, the urgency of it gets stronger inside us. The old Saigon, now a metropolis that seems to burst out of its seams. To be allowed to start with our poetry, in our own workheart approach, makes us incredibly grateful.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlet’s raise an atmophere
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand crowd it into mist
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxin which we…..once adopted
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcatch on to
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxonly us

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxonce in orbitting routine
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcondensing her into a droplet where

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxin a hollow spherical scope
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxshows who we are:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxin lightweight
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxin scintillation
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand laughs from which
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxin lucid trace an output
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxeyecatches come available

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtime gets space done
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwhere we taste… drink… chime
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxswirling along a poem

2019 ©  translation  bert van der sluiijs

The above poem has evolved in a modified form, some years ago in frame of the Gideon installation: a wild shaking sea of felted coats in stormy weather. (collaboration project of work#art and Rietje van ‘t Veen, within the installation project Palimpsest – Schouwen 2012) The poem will now form the core of the article for the Van Lang seminar.

two images in one:
1 Nora-Annesley-Taylor – Journal-of-Vietnamese-Studies pag 121/122 FIGURE 2:
Lê Vũ and his father performing in front of the British Council in Hà Nội, October 13, 2004 (photograph by author).
‘A man lay on his stomach while his father laid on top of him and read from a book, (_) Being weighed down by one’s father, reading the epic poem Kim Văn Kiều [The Tale of Kiều], may symbolize the burden of the past on the younger generation of Vietnamese. (…) The most important aspect of these performances may be the fact that they took place at all. As Trần Lương said in his description of the Lim Dim weekend, even mundane acts of sitting around can be considered “performance.” Indeed, all Vietnamese could arguably be described as “performing” their everyday life events. After years of being watched and having to conform to strict government regulations in the name of communism, citizens may have grown used to “acting,” concealing their emotions or behaving in ways that are unnatural in order to avoid suspicion or to behave in expected, standardized ways’: Nora-Annesley-Taylor
2 Von Kármán vortex streets formed off the island of Tristan da Cunha. Half of the volcanic island can be seen in the dark blue hole at the top left. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this natural-color image of a von karman vortex street off Tristan da Cunha island, on July 10, 2010 at 11:00(UTC).

Van Lang Private University (Vietnamese language: Đại học Dân lập Văn Lang) is one of the first private universities in Vietnam under the administration of the Ministry of Education of Vietnam. The university is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Van Lang University was established in 1995. It was named after the ancient Vietnamese kingdom of Văn Lang.