work#art supports sustainable new building project of garage ATK-RTK in Kampen.

In Kampen, on the 4th of October 2012, a borer went into the ground at the location of the new garage/theater to build for Joep Roth.

Joep wants to make a contribution to undertake durable with his new building and so he’s going to use earth-warmth for heating his garage/theater.
work#art is supporting this durability idea and offered two seeds to Joep  during the starting ceremony of bore operation.
One of the seeds is then symbolically taken with the bore at 50 meters depth.
There it can do its work in fruitful mould.
Later on this year, when the building is ready, the second sead will be shown there together with the text who Douwe spoke out on this event.
Click here for an impression